Thursday, March 22, 2007


Good morning, Dear Friends and Prayer Partners! This is the day that the Lord has made and we will rejoice and be glad in it! Seems weird to still be dark at this time of the morning, but I am slowly getting used to it.

Yesterday on our way to the Park, I saw six peacocks...the male has his plumage all ready to show off against a white garage door where he knows it shows to full advantage, when the ladies are around. :o)

Two shiny black gators were sunning on one side of the bank of the canal and another one on the other side of the road on the bank. As I started my walk to the boardwalk, I heard and saw two red-shouldered hawks fly overhead into the nest they are building, and a butterfly brushed my cheek as I stood still. God is awesome!

As I got to to the tower, Mama gator was there-first time I have seen her in months. How do I know it was her? Believe it or not, gators do not all look alike. After you see one close up, it has distinguishing marks on the face. Anyway, it was a wonderful walk.

From Quiet Moments:

"The Lord is my portion" says my soul, "Therefore I hope in Him." Lamentations 3:24 NKJV

Many people seem to believe God has called them to live successful lives. In reality, He calls each one of us to live faithful lives-lives of obedience, devotion, worship and service.

With each day there often remains a residue of things left undone, unsaid, unachieved, or unconquered. Each day has its own measure of failure, its own degree of trouble, and its own lingering doubts. (Matthew 6:34)

As you conduct a full review of your day-the bad as well as the good-it may be helpful to recall these words by John Oxendale;

"Who set you there?
Is your place a small place?
Tend it with care-he set you there.
Is your place a large place?
Guard it with care!-He set you there.
Whate'er your place, it
Not yours alone, but his
Who set you there.

You may not be as successful today as you would like, but every day you are faithful to the Lord is a success for Him, Remember the things He has promised and that regardless of your performance today, as you give your whole heart to Him, He makes up the difference.

Watch where Jesus went.
The one dominant note in his life was to do his
father's will. His is not the way of wisdom or success,
but the way of Faithfulness.
Oswald Chambers

I always give thanks for you, remembering you in my prayers with thanksgiving, joy and love!

Love and hugs,