Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Knowing God

Good Morning, Dear Friends and Prayer Partners! This is the day that the Lord has made and we will rejoice and be glad in it! It was very hot all day yesterday with no rain around here. But other places had a thunderstorm or two, and that is the prediction for our weather today.

Yesterday, I got laundry done ; towels are not out of the dryer, yet) and then went shopping. As I was coming home I saw smoke billowing up near the school, and thought that must be a house on fire. Then the thought struck me! That could be my house! But, right away I realized that it was in the wrong direction to be my house, so continued on and got the items out of the car and put away. I heard a helicopter flying low and around and around, so decided to go for a ride and try to see what was going on. I circled around Lynch Lake, but did not see any thing, so came back home.

Then I turned the news on Fox 13 at 5 o'clock and found out that it was a house fire, very near here! I later saw the complete coverage on Facebook from the chopper hovering right over the house. I could see the firefighters..over a dozen going in and out, and water shooting up and out of the roof. It looked like the house was completely engulfed in flames.It was so hot, I saw one firefighter come out of the house, drop to his knees and start peeling off his gear, which was probably overheating him. They must have been about to pass out from the heat! God bless them in their dangerous work!

On a lighter note, I forgot to mention that in the gift shop at Cracker Barrel, there was a lot of stuff for Halloween, including a broom which moved by itself. Yep! I was fascinated with it and just stood watching it.. It was a round broom with cut pieces of paper for the brush, and it would move only a few inches at at time. So, I watched it while Brian checked out and told a couple other people about it as they walked by, and the broom obligingly moved for them. Cool!

I forgot to talk like a pirate and get a Krispy Kreme yesterday, so I guess I will have to just buy another pumpkin donut! But I did visit the park and while not many people were there, it looked like a man was setting up photography equipment and photos, to sell, I guess. Strange. But anyway, God is good!

from the booklet Knowing God:

Learn to Trust God

Lord, I give myself to you; my God I trust you

Psalm 25:1,2

If you want to know God, then you must learn to trust God. Yet, sometimes, when you
feel overwhelmed by fears and doubts, you'll find that trusting God is difficult. So here is
a question for you to ponder. Are you willing to  trust God completely, or are you still sitting squarely on the spiritual fence? the answer to this question will determine the tone, the quality, and the direction of your life.

Trusting God means trusting Him with every aspect of your life. You must trust him with your relationships, your dreams, your finances and your career. You must follow His commandments and you must pray for His guidance.

When you trust your Heavenly Father without reservation, you can be sure that, in His own fashion and in His own time, God will reveal Himself to you in ways that you never could have imagined. So trust Him, and prepare yourself for the abundance and the joy that will most certainly be yours when you do!

I always give thanks for you, remembering you in my prayers with thanksgiving, joy and love!

Love and hugs,