Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Stewardship Prayer

Good Morning Dear Friends and Prayer Partners! This is the day that the Lord has made and we will rejoice and be glad in it! Seems like the sun is a little reluctant to come up these mornings, but goes down too early. Can't get used to darkness at 5:30!  This is my small rant about DST. I don't like it!

This will be my last Gator Bytes for a week or so, since I am looking forward to having Daryl and Matthew driving down from TN tomorrow night for Christmas and staying for a week afterwards. They will have warm weather while here if this warmth keeps up!

I have been trying to say out of crowds, which is pretty much impossible if you are out and about, but a man behind me in a store had a really bad cough and I really prayed for the germs not to touch me. I don't have that problem in the park...out in the open with lots of space around. The water is still very low but it doesn't seem to bother the birds and wildlife. I don't know where the squirrels get their water. I have an old Cool Whip container on my porch wall the birds and squirrels help themselves to. The bluejays are very possessive and keep the others away until they are satisfied. Then they hop in and with great splashing, wash and cool off. They are funny! Maybe I told you before, but I saw a bob-tailed squirrel in the park last week, and at first, I thought it was a bunny, but it didn't hop, just scampered about. Apparently, he got along fine without the tail! God is good!

From Hymns for the Family of God:

A Stewardship Prayer

Lord, we gather in comfort and security today, while many of Your children huddle in fear and die of starvation. We know that merely feeling guilty for our comfort does not minister to the needs of others. Lord, we want to be involved in helping and serving, and healing. Help us this day to gain more understanding, to feel more deeply the hurt of others, to come to new commitments of ourselves and our substance to You.

Amen                     -Gary W. Demarest-

I always give thanks for you, remembering you with thanksgiving , joy and love!

Love and hugs and a very Merry Christmas to all!