Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Prayer Pause

Good morning, Dear Friends and Prayer Partners, This is the day that the Lord has made and we will rejoice and be glad in it! This morning as I stepped outside in the pre-dawn darkness, I actually saw stars, so the sky must be clearer than it has been.

We went to the Park yesterday before the heat settled in and Matthew had a good time teasing with Terry, who is like a giant kid. I will certainly miss Matthew when he leaves for home Friday. He is an active little boy, almost as tall as I am now!

As we were driving home around the lake near our house, we saw an osprey on the line, and, at first, we thought it was an eagle. God is good!

From the Quiet Moments book:

A coffee break is a good time for prayer!

When we pray at the outset of our day, our prayer is often for general guidance and help from the Lord. When we pray in the midst of our day, our prayer is much more likely to be specific and aimed at immediate needs and concerns. By the time a coffee break rolls around, we have a much better idea of what our day holds, including what particular dangers, difficulties, or temptations we are going to face! It is with that knowledge, born of experience, that this prayer of St. Patrick takes on even greater meaning:

May the wisdom of God instruct me,
the eye of God watch over me,
the ear of God hear me,
the word of God give me sweet talk,
the hand of God defend me,
the way of God guide me.

Christ be with me.
Christ before me.
Christ in me.
Christ under me.
Christ over me.
Christ on my right hand,
Christ on my left hand.
Christ on this side.
Christ on that side.
Christ in the head of everyone to whom I speak.
Christ in the mouth of every person who speaks to me.
Christ in the eye of every person who looks upon me.
Christ in the ear of everyone who hears me today.

Take time in the middle of your day to ask the Lord for His wrap-around presence, His unending encouragement, and His all-sustaining assistance. And in return be a vessel that carries His presence, encouragement, and assistance to others.

Do not look upon the vessel
but upon what it holds.
Hebrew Proverb

Psalm 119:116
"Uphold me according to your promise that I may live."

I always give thanks for you , remembering you in my prayers with thanksgiving, joy and love!

Love and hugs,