Wednesday, January 13, 2010

4th floor at Bayfront

Dear Friends and Prayer Partners,

What a blessing today was! I was surrounded by the love and caring of four dear friends as they took me to lunch at Atlanta Bread, and gave me a much-needed break. Mari even drove me home with two quarts of soup and the goodies Carole gave me. Thanks, ladies! Everyone was so nice and it was good to have some laughs. I enjoyed some of the clam chowder tonight. It was delicious!

Mari also baked me some cookies. which are yummy!

I met Louis' Bayfront family doctor today...Dr. Razi, He is big and informal seems very caring. He explained the renal failure goes along with Pneumonia because of dehydration, but is easily corrected with IV's . However, he is calling in a kidney specialist tomorrow to check Louis out. Louis slept (loudly) just about all day while I was there and ate only a bite of food, althoiugh his nurse, Phong, said he ate a good portion of the breakfast . Once again we have a caring nurse who came in frequently. Louis has big air booties on his feet now and a large foam wedge pillow to keep him on his side to ease the pressure on his sore bottom. He is in the cardiac care unit because of the possibility of a clot forming from the inactivity. When Brian visited tonight, he spoke to Phong about the lack of appetite and he said that is not uncommon when he is so sick and fighting the germs.

So we keep on praying and trust God in his infinite mercy to do the healing through the doctors. God is good!

Another great thing God does is send people in my path to show me the way around the hospital. I get so turned around I always have to ask the first person I see for directions and so far they have been men who walked me to the way I should go. Mari and I had a laugh when we got on the elevator and got off what we thought was the wrong floor. Four burly paramedics got on and pushed the up button when we decided we needed to get back on. They stopped the elevator and then told us we were on the right floor to go out the exit. We were laughing and I said we weren't even blond! God has a sense of humor, too. Another chuckle when I walked too far on the fourth floor and looked bewildered, and the guy in scrubs said "Where do you need to go, girlfriend?" :o)

All in all a tiring but good day. Keep on praying for Louis and I know God will hear the prayers!

Love and hugs,

Another morning

Dear Friends and Prayer Partners This is the day that the Lord has made and we will rejoice and be glad in it! After a late night waiting in the ER with Louis, who had fluids going in and fluids coming out, Brian and I called it a night when we got the results of all the blood tests. Louis has pneumonia and is in good hands at Bayfront, I hope.

I spoke with his nurse this morning, who is a male and sounds very caring, and he is being turned every two hours because of nasty potential bedsores on his bottom. I will visit him as soon as I shower and get dressed, but I stayed in bed until almost 7:30 this morning. I'm not used to staying up so late.

I appreciate all the love, concern and calls I have been receiving. Please keep up the prayers for his recovery and comfort.

"Trust the past to God's mercy, the present to his love,
And the future to his providence.
St. Augustine.

Love and hugs,