Monday, January 25, 2010

Hospice move

Dear Friends and Prayer Partners,

Today we finally got Louis moved to Hospice, where he is very comfortable. I am so glad he is there and not in the nursing home. He has only a few days left before he moves again to his heavenly home, but he is in a good place for it.

My dear friend stayed with me after Brian left to go back to work, and tomorrow after her work day is finished, Mari will come to be with me. Daryl is driving down tomorrow to be with his Dad, so please pray for travel mercies for him.

I am either having a bad allergy attack or coming down with a cold, so please pray that I do not get sick this week. There are many decisions to make and papers to hunt up, so I need to be well,

God continues to be so good...Ryan was on the floor again and we exchanged a few laughs and greetings and hugs. He was by Louis at one point at he went by on a gurney and got to say goodby.

I am using the sleeping aids the doctor prescribed, so I usually get a good nights sleep, which is a blessing.

And so we wait...

Love and hugs,