Friday, October 21, 2011

Ready to Move Mountains?

Good morning, Dear Friends and Prayer Partners! Well, I got cold last night! I was up at midnight getting another blanket to put on the bed, so this morning when I finally crawled out, I put my winter blanket on, so I will be warm tonight in my flannel jammies! It's in the sixties outside and in, and while that may not seem cold to some of you in colder climates, it's a shock to me! But, I have to admit, the weather is beautiful!

Yesterday, I was really busy running errands. I took a good long walk in Walmart, because God opened up a close parking space almost in front of the door, otherwise, I was going to stop at the Walmart Neighorhood store further down the highway. So, after shopping in there for a while, I had to wait almost as long to check out, as it took me to shop. Sigh. They never have enough cashiers working to take care of the crowds!

After unloading my groceries at home and eating a sandwich, I headed out again to pick up my quilt from the cleaners and had a short delightful conversation with the clerk about the beauty of the Amish quilt. Then on to NE shopping center where the shop where I stopped had  lovely chocolates right at the cashier station, of course, so I just had to buy a large choc. turtle, which I took home and ate one delicious bite at a time! ( I deserved it and besides, I ate it while moving about the house.) 

After another stop at CVS, I drove to the park, and got out to walk to the bridge. I saw lots of black turtles sunning on the weir bank, and another large snapping turtle on the lily pads at the bridge. As I walked on, I saw the young gator sunning on a tree trunk just out of the water. His head was up as if he were posing, which he probably was for all the photos taken of him. There were also ibis fishing and a busy little moorhen, clucking to himself as he walked about on the lily pads. It was cool, the sun was warm, and it was a great day to be alive! God is good!

From the little devotional book Knowing God:

For truly I say to you, if you have faith as a mustard seed, you shall say to this mountain, "Move from here to there", and it shall move; and nothing shall be impossible to you. 
Matthew 17:20 NASB

Because we live in a demanding world, all of us have mountains to climb and mountains to move. Moving those mountains requires faith.

Are you a mountain-moving Christian whose faith is evident for all to se? Or, are you a spiritual underachiever? As you think about the answer to that question, consider this: God needs more people who are willing to move mountains for His glory and for His kingdom.

Are you willing to let God help you move mountains, or are you still stumbling around over a few little molehills? the answer should be obvious. And so, with no more delays, let the mountain moving begin.

We are never stronger than the moment we admit we are weak,
Beth Moore

My faith does not rest on what I am or will be or will feel or will know, but in what Christ is, in what he has done, and in what he is now doing for me.
C.H. Spurgeon

I always give thanks for you, remembering you in my prayers, with thanksgiving, joy and love!

Love and hugs,