Sunday, January 10, 2010

Let's see. what day is this?

Dear Friends and Prayer Partners,

To answer the question above, it must be the eleventh day, because Louis was taken to the hospital on NY's eve. I have been told that the large dark bruised looking spot on his left heel, is a pressure sore from rubbing on the bed. They are treating it with an ointment that is supposed to toughen the skin, and putting a pillow under his lower legs to keep the feet off the bed.

I am a little discouraged by his lack of appetite. He chews and chews, and then has to be told to spit the bite out. I took him some Glucerna milkshake today and he drank all that, and ate some fruit I brought for him. He slept a lot today, and is frightened when anyone moves him or the bed goes up and down. When I talk to him he will respond a little, but does not talk on his own.

I have never seen him quite this way before, so I am praying he will have a breakthrough soon when the infection is finally gone. He will need a lot of phys. therapy to even begin to sit up, let alone walk again. Righ now, shoes are out of the question with the heel the way it is..

The sermon on True Friends, today really was good for me, because without all your prayers, I don't know what I would do, but God has a plan for us, and He is Good! So we wait for his Will and continue to pray for healing for Louis.

Thank you all just for being there, and offering help.

Love and hugs,