Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Philippians 4:13

Good morning, Dear Friends and Prayer Partners! This is the coolish day that the Lord has made and we will rejoice and be glad in it! Guess we can expect more cool days, since it isn't April yet.

This morning as I stepped outside, the moon was not visible, but Venus was high in the sky and seemed far away. A few clouds were streaking the sky, but it promises to be a beautiful day!

Because of threatening rain and strong winds, I didn't walk yesterday, but did notice woodstorks, all huddled up and a tri-colored heron by the lake. The canal is blanketed with maple seeds, oak seeds and leaves. The water is still, so the seed and leaves on top, just seem to sit there. I watched a tiny child toddling to catch up with her brother, talking baby talk all the way.

On the way in, Mr. Peacock was dragging his fanned-out feathers on the ground. They roost in trees at night, and the tail feathers hang way down! God is amazing!

From the book Quiet Moments with God:

Nothing is Impossible with God

Scientists say it can't be done! It's impossible. Aerodynamic theory is crystal clear. Bumblebees cannot fly.

The reason is because the size, weight, and shape of the bumblebee's body in relation to the total wing spread make it impossible to fly. The bumblebee is simply too heavy, too wide, and too large to fly with wings that small.

However, the bumblebee is ignorant of these scientific facts and goes ahead and flies anyway.

It was God who created the bumblebee and god who taught it how to fly. The bumblebee obviously didn't question God about the problem with aerodynamics. It simply flew. It didn't question whether God really knew what He was talking about. It simply flew. It didn't wonder if God really loved it when He gave it such small wings. It simply flew.

When God created us, He also equipped us for the life ahead. He says He knows the plans He has for our lives. Because He loves us, He has promised to be with us, to teach us, to carry us, and to be our Rock. All we have to do is trust and obey.

God is not limited by our understanding of how things happen. Just because we can't see something, doesn't mean it's not real. Faith is, indeed, the substance of things not seen. Sometimes life is inexplicable, and the impossible happens. We can't always explain everything.

And just because we don't understand how something can be done, doesn't mean our Almighty God can't do it.

God is within all things, but not included.
Outside all things, but no excluded:
Above all things, but not beyond their reach.
Pope Gregory the Great

I always give thanks for you, remembering you in my prayers with thanksgiving, joy and love!

Love and hugs,