Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sixth floor Bayfront

Dear Friends and Prayer Partners,

Today I went up to the 4th floor as usual and walked down to 454 and there was a stranger in what formerly was Louis' bed. I asked the nurse and the charge nurse, and no one knew where he was, so she got on the computer and found they had moved him to the sixth floor. I asked why and the reason was he no longer needed to be on the cardiac care floor, because the monitor was removed, so I have no idea what the sixth floor section he is in is for.

Anyway, I found him and his breakfast tray which was was 10:30 already. I started to feed him and the care tech came in and I told her he needed to be fed and she had just found that out. Sigh. Sometimes the right hand doesn't know what the left is doing. Louis ate a good cold breakfast, and then was tired. Moves like that totally exhaust him. I met the doctor on call, and he said that he will be discharged tomorrow to be sent back to Shore Acres. Another ambulance ride! Brian and I have decided to have an appointment to talk with the nurse in charge, and ,if necessary, the administrator to get things changed and get him properly taken care of.

I stayed long enough to give him lunch, which he was hungry for, and ate just about all of it...still pureed stuff, but that seems a lot easier for him to swallow. He gave the raspberry, and popped his lips a couple times like he was doing at home, so he is gradually remembering the things I wish he would forget. :o)

On my way home, I took a ride through the crowded park and saw dozens of turtles of all sizes catching some rays on the bank of the canal. I also saw the usual ibis and herons and then realized that God was smiling, because the song on the radio was "All Creatures of our God and King". I admired the various contrails criss-crossing the sky on this beautiful, warm day. I went home, ate a little lunch and took a short nap. which was good.

I felt like I should go back down to the hospital, instead of waiting for Brian to fill in, and got there just as they were loading Louis on a gurney to take him to x-ray for his chest. When he came back he was too exhausted to eat any supper, but the nurse Amelia seemed to be very conscientious about his care. Brian stayed longer, but could not get his dad to eat any more.

Well, we will see what takes place tomorrow and when he gets moved, but God is good and will watch over us through it all.

Love and hugs,