Thursday, January 21, 2010

Another day at Bayfront--more decisions

Dear Friends and Prayer Partners.

To those of you who have been praying for Louis and me, I thank you. When I think of all the germs I have encountered as I walked through and sat in the ER and throughout the hospital, I believe God must have a shield protecting me. While I feel tired and am not eating at regular times, I still am pretty healthy.

Louis was on his right side all day, and mostly slept. He had a sitter whose job was to just sit and watch over him and, I guess, the man in the other bed. Louis was awake at different times and when his eyes focused on me, he seemed to know me, but is not speaking much, just whispering. Joel, the nurse, told Brian that they have called in an ENT doctor to check on him, as they believe he has mastoiditis. I was not told this, and I was there over four hours.

The doctor wants to put in a feeding tube and I am not for it, so Brian and Daryl and I will consult with a hospice rep to find out more about it. At this point, I do not see Louis coming back to where he was before the infections and pneumonia invaded his body.

I am asking for prayers for divine guidance and wisdom as to the next step. I know Hospice takes wonderful care of patients, even when they are not dying, so we will see if that is an option.

God, in his goodness, sent a wonderful person in the cleaning lady who came in after the patient left this afternoon. She said her husband was in the hospital six months and the doctor said he would die. She said "My God did not tell me that" and her husband is now home, walking around the block and does everything but bathe himself. At the time, she was working and visiting him at the hospital twice a day...very hard on her, but she said, "God made your husband, and He will take care of him!" Amen

Love and hugs,