Sunday, January 3, 2010

Still updating

Dear Friends and Prayer Partners,

Today Louis was not very responsive and slept almost the whole time I was with him. He woke up to eat his lunch, which I fed him, and had a fairly good appetite, but had his eyes closed most of the time. Tomorrow we make the decision of where to send him for rehab, so please pray for wisdom for me for the right choice, according to insurance and the doctor's visit.

I have been talking with a very nice patient care tech. Ryan, a young man who is going to join the Air Force soon, and today we had a good conversation about how to have a long marriage. (61 years for us) I told him tolerance and Jesus in the marriage. He asked me to repeat it and then said I should go on TV and put it in the paper and on the radio. He also believes marriage should be based on God and that all decisions should be made with God in mind. I told him I did not know what the future held for Louis and me, but God is in control and He knows, so we just have to trust in His will.
Ryan came over to me and held out his hand, but I stood up and gave him a hug. God sends the nicest people in my path!
God is good!

More updates tomorrow! Keep those prayers coming!

Love and hugs,