Saturday, January 2, 2010

Another update..prayer request

Dear Friends and Prayer Partners,

Well, the end of the hospital is not in sight,yet. Louis still has IV's and antibiotic pumping into him and the longer he stays in bed, the weaker he gets. Today the Phys. Therapist came and encouraged him with her help to sit up and dangle his legs. This was very difficult for him and she says he will probably have to go to a rebab center (nursing home) after he leaves the hospital , so he can get back to being mobile. the longer he stays in unfamiliar surroundings, the more confused he is. He will eat if someone feeds him, but the nurses cannot stick with him long enough to help, so today I was there to have his breakfast warmed up, so I could feed him, and then I fed him lunch. He has a good appetite, but needs help, because he cannot use his hands well because of monitors and iv's

Brian is taking the supper shift and is trying to shave him and get his teeth brushed. But God is in control and he is Good!
Keep on praying,

Love and hugs,