Thursday, January 7, 2010


Dear Friends and Prayer Partners,

After being so tired I was almost in a coma, last night, thought I would update you this morning. Louis slept all day yesterday, waking up only for lunch that I fed him. He had been moved across the hall during the night, had a bath, got shaved, which he really needed, and was totally tired out. His infection seems healed, but he is still running a low grade fever for some reason.

Anyway, the doctor thought there was nothing more they could do for him in the hospital, so after visits from three rehab reps, I visited Shore Acres rehab and nursing home yesterday morning and chose them. He was not moved until after 6:30, by ambulance, and I knew I would have trouble finding the place in the dark. Sure enough, I wandered around Shore Acres for half an hour with Brian on the speaker phone trying to give me directions, but I could not read the street signs in the dark.

Thank the Lord, he got there just as the ambulance was unloading his Dad. The paramedics had shown me the way they go on their computer, and I tried to follow it, but that was my mistake. I should have gone the way I did in the morning. I was tired, hungry, and worn out by the time Brian came to get me and show me the way, but at least, I got to see that Louis was peacefully sleeping in a bed and prayed for him to have a better day today.

I will call the facility today and see what I need to bring for Louis...clothes, etc, since he was still in a hospital gown when he was moved. He has a very nice roommate and I am thankful for that. God is good!

Love and hugs,