Thursday, January 14, 2010

Adventures at Bayfront

Dear Friends and Prayer Partners,

Some good and some not so good news today. When I arrived at the fourth floor today,, I was met by Phong, who said that Louis had refused to eat breakfast and spit out his meds. He asked what I wanted to do if he did not start eating and I said no feeding tube!

He agreed, with the age and condition. I had just had a conversation with Mari about the agony her mother went through with her feeding tube, so God's timing was perfect.

However, when lunch came, Louis surprised us by eating a large portion of lasagna, all his pears, half his soup and all his iced tea! I called Phong in so he could see him eat and he said he was so proud of him! I really did not expect him to be hungry for supper tonight and he did not eat a bite. He also was not thirsty. If he comes back from the severe pneumonia and UTI, it will take a lot of therapy to get him to be mobile again. Only God knows if that will happen.

About Phong...He is a very caring young man. He asked me today if I minded telling him my age, so I did. He seem surprised and wanted to know who was coming to pick me up. I told him I drove and parked in the garage. I believe in their culture the young take care of the old, because he asked if I lived alone and I said I did now, because of Louis being in the hospital. He thought he had been living in the nursing home. I told him just since New Year's eve when all this started. Phong gave me a hug and kiss because he is off tomorrow, but he said the nurse tomorrow is nice.

Then when I left, I got turned around again on the second floor, looking for the Skywalk. A young doctor came out of double doors and I asked him the way and he walked me through the operating section, which he said was a shorter way, and saw to it that I was turning the right way. I repeat, God sends the nicest people to guide me along my stumbling way.

Well, continue to pray for strength for me for the journey we are now walking through. I am getting very tired and dread the long walk to the fourth floor, but God is good to give me the energy to put one foot in front of the other.
We wait to see God's plans for tomorrow.

Love and hugs,