Monday, March 2, 2015

Easin' thru Ezekiel

Good Morning, Dear Friends and Prayer Partners! This is the day that the Lord has made and we will rejoice and be glad in it! After another day of rain Saturday, Sunday turned out to be very warm and sunshiny. It was almost time for the A/C to be on! I did not even need a sweater in church, which is unusual for me!

On my way to church, I drove around Lynch Lake Park, and saw a dad and daughter on a bench tossing bread to a huge flock of seagulls, ibis, ducks and assorted feathered friends! It was an amazing sight! The birds were all moving to get into the best position for the goodies, so there was constant activity.

There is so much water everywhere, the gutters and yards are mushy. Now that the oaks are shedding the seeds, they are hard to remove when wet. I got out the broom and tried to sweep off the porch late in the afternoon, but a big clump was piled up in front of the step up to the porch from the sidewalk and it was hard to move them because of the wetness underneath. It is partly cloudy and partly sunshiny today, so maybe more drying out is in store.

I spoke to a squirrel hiding behind the large oak and sticking his head out at me, but he just sat and looked at me. I still have some peanuts and if he had seemed interested, I would have given him some. If I throw them out on the ground, the blue jays swoop in and get all before the squirrels can find them! But God is good!

From the Promise Bible NLT:

Ezekiel 36:23-27
Therefore, give the people of Israel this message from the Sovereign Lord:
I am bringing you back again but not because you deserve it. I am doing
it to protect my holy name, which you dishonored while you were
scattered among the nations. I will show how holy my great name is---the
name you dishonored among the nations. And when I reveal my holiness
through you before their very eyes, says the Sovereign Lord, then the
nations will know that I am the Lord, for I will gather you up from all the
nations and bring you home again to your land.

Then I will sprinkle clean water on you, and you will be clean. Your filth
will be washed away and you will no longer worship idols. And I will
give you a new heart with new and right desires, and I will put a new spirit
in you. I will take out your stony heart of sin and give you a new, obedient
heart. And I will put my Spirit in you so you will obey my laws and do
whatever I command.

I always give thanks for you, remembering you in my prayers with thanksgiving,
joy and love!

Love and hugs,