Monday, October 29, 2007

A reminder

Good Morning, Dear Friends and Prayer Partners! This is the cloudy day that the Lord has made and we will rejoice and be glad in it!

We had a nice long rain last night that we really needed and this morning maybe the clouds will bring us more.

I noticed a red-headed woodpecker on our oak tree yesterday evening just very busy pecking at whatever it is he pecks at. I saw photographers at Sawgrass yesterday, taking photos of the ibis that were reflected in the canal and they busily pecked in the mud. There is beauty everywhere, if we only open our eyes and look around. Three peacocks added to the landscape as we drove into the park, but two were on the rooftop of a house one day and they really can do a lot of damage with their claws. Beauty among the thorns!

But God's creation is marvelous!

God's Promise from Quiet Moments:

An informal survey about the prayers of people in a church found that most people pray two types of prayers.. the first an SOS--not only "Save Our Souls", but also, "O God, help me now".

The second was SOP--"Solve Our Problems". People asked the Lord to eliminate all needs, struggles, trials, and temptations. They wanted carefree, perfect lives, and they fully believed that this is what God had promised them. The conclusion from the survey: Most people want "God to do it all."

God has not promised, however, to live our lives for us--but rather, to walk through our lives with us. Our part is to be faithful and obedient. His part is to lead us, guide us, protect us, and help us. Annie Johnson Flint recognized the true nature of God's promise in this poem;

What God Hath Promised
God has not promised
skies always blue,
Flower-strewn pathways
All our lives through:
God has not promised
Sun without rain,
Joy without sorrow,
Peace without pain.
But God has promised
Strength for the day,
Rest for the labor,
Light for the way,
Grace for the trials,
Help from above,
Unfailing sympathy,
Undying love.

Do what you know you can do today--and then trust God to do what you cannot do!

Matthew 28:20 "I am with you all the days (perpetually, uniformly, and on every occasion) to the very close and consummation of the age." (Amp)

You cannot control the length of your life, but you can control its width and depth.
Evan Esar

I always give thanks for you, remembering you in my prayers with thanksgiving, joy and love!

Love and hugs,