Monday, January 18, 2010

Back at Shore Acres

Dear Friends and Prayer Partners,

Well, when I arrived at Bayfront this morning, no one had been able to wake Louis for his breakfast, so I just raised his bed and started feeding him while his eyes were closed. He started eating and soon woke up and ate a good portion of his cold meal and drank his juice and milk. His nurse, Amelia, said I was an angel, and mashed up his meds so she could give them to him while he was opening his mouth.

Two of his doctors came by and said the kidneys were clear and his pneumonia was practically cleared up, so I was glad I was there to meet them. I must say Amelia is a very caring nurse and as busy as she was, she gave time to talk to me and take care of Louis. I thank God for her and she was very encouraging and thanked me for my help, which I, in turn, thanked her.

I was told that he would be discharged, but no time, so after giving him his lunch and waiting there for six hours, I went down to Joffrey's and got a sandwich and then was overcome by fatigue, so I told Amelia I was going home and the paramedics could take him to shore Acres and Brian would meet them there, which he did.

He has a different room and nurse and he was cleaned up and bed changed and taken care of while Brian was there, so I just stayed home and rested, which I am still doing. I think the talk I had with the nursing home rep and remarks I made about the care, may have had a good effect. "The squeaky wheel gets the grease."

Thank you all for prayers, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." God is good to keep me going.

Love and hugs,