Saturday, January 9, 2010

more prayers please

Good evening, Dear Friends and Prayer Partners,

I spent most of the morning and part of the afternoon with Louis, and helped with his bed bath and changing of the sheets., which he does not enjoy. He seems frightened at being turned and has to hold on to the bed or my hand, while I talk to him and try to calm him..

He is not getting the food he is used to...low fat and low cholesterol..and I talked to a nurse about it today, again. I took in some grapes and fruit that he eats at home and he enjoyed that after eating very little of his lunch.

Please pray for his fever to lessen. Brian said he was given Tylenol to help it go down this afternoon. This must still be the UTI causing the fever. I thought he was over that, but maybe not. He was sleepy a lot today, but seemed to know me and talked a little when asked questions, so this is good

It seems we make a little forward progress and then slip backwards, but God is in control and knows exactly what is going on.
God is good!

Love and hugs,