Saturday, January 16, 2010

A shorter way

Dear Friends and Prayer Partners,

What a difference a day makes! Louis was awake and looking around when I arrived at his room this morning. I asked him how he felt and he said, "Fine." This with needles in his hand and tubing coming out other places. He answered some questions and then was mumbling about something, not understandable. The care tech said he ate all his pureed eggs, grits and oatmeal and drank his juice and milk. Then when his lunch came, he was really hungry and opened his mouth like a bird to eat his pureed beef, mac&cheese. and his pureed spring veg. soup. Also his choc. ice cream and drank all his milk and cranberry juice. Dr. Fubella, the kidney specialist was in and said he would leave orders to get him up and would probably discharge him Monday.

So, back to the nursing home. I talked to the doc, Carol, from Shore Acres, who also came to check on him and told her of my concerns about the lack of care there. She said to address my concerns to the right people there, which I already have to a couple of staff. I cannot have him at home without full time care help, but God has been good to watch over him so far, so I will trust him to give me backbone enough to be the squeaky wheel!

His roommate was gone when I got there this morning, so the bed and walls and tray were scrubbed down and they got rid of the bed and brought in another and then filled that one before too long. This time instead of the TV going all the time, the wife talked non-stop. Well, you can't choose your roommates and fortunately, noise does not bother Louis with the hearing aids out!

Hooray for me.".ve get too soon old and too late schmart" as my Pennsylvania Dutch grandmother used to say. Today I took different elevators, and discovered I came out practically in the mezzanine of the front entrance, which has an elevator down to the ground floor! Not nearly so much walking, but I did have to cross sixth st. to get to the parking garage. Guess it doesn't matter when I discovered the shorter way even if we only have two more days.

Brian was kind enough to spell me this afternoon, and went to give his Dad the evening meal, which he was hungry for. Louis even sang today and said "Happy Birthday" for no apparent reason. God is good! And answers prayers!
Keep praying for us, They are what keeps us going!

Love and hugs,