Monday, January 11, 2010

Another day

Dear Friends and Prayer Partners,

Well, lots of activity for Louis today, none of which involved getting a bath. He was rolled into a sling-like devise which weighed him like a cow or hog, and then this afternoon was exhausted from the attempt to put him in a wheelchair. Apparently during the fighting against it, his left elbow was severely bruised and skinned and I discovered it bleeding. One doctor, and four attendants and thirty five minutes later, he finally got a bandage to cover the wound. I could have gone home, got a bandage and been back in the time they got their acts together!

This was the first time the staff doctor had checked him out, and she said after examining his back, that he had five spots which should be watched. Trouble is, no one comes in to turn him over on his side . I really think it is time to make waves to get him washed and a little more attention paid to him. I see aides drinking sodas while on duty, texting as they walk down the hall, talking about last night's TV. Am I being too hard on them? I don't think so.

A very efficient CNA brought Louis' supper tray and a guest tray for me, which I did not order, but was grateful for anyway. After I tried to get Louis to eat, which he did not want to, I gulped my bland food down and then gave him a Glucerna shake which he drank. I asked Michael, the CNA, where he had been, because he got someone immediately to lift Louis up higher. checked him over and straightened his covers...and he said he works at the other end, to request him (said in a hurry) so I will!

All in all a very tiring day, brightened by phone calls from a couple dear friends. But God is good and I wait for his will to be done,

Love and hugs,