Monday, November 10, 2014

Love for Enemies

Good Morning, Dear Friends and Prayer Partners! This is the day that the Lord has made and we will rejoice and be glad in it! While it is still cool to me, the sun is shining and not a cloud in the sky. With a slight breeze , the weather just looks perfect. This morning I heard about the Arctic chill headed for the northeast, and it's snowing in Minneapolis! I am so happy I live here!

I hope everyone had a good weekend. Brian took me to William Dean chocolates in Belleair Bluffs Sat. for the first time. I indulged and bought myself 8 delightful pieces of colorful chocolates and a lemon tart. They have four tables where they serve tea by reservation only, but to me, it does not seem like a tea room. I think of a tea room as having frilly, tablecloths, flowery cups and tea pots, etc. but this one did not, although I did not stare to see what everyone had on the tables. It is right in the commercial selling area. Very small.They also have some delightful looking gelatos. (sp) I was excited to be there.

Then we went on to check out the plastic surgeon's office complex. I am very inept when it comes to directions...directionally challenged, I call it, so scouting out unfamiliar places works for me! The way Brian took me seems very simple, but he will also print out a map for me when it is time for me to go see her.

Daryl says it was in the mid thirties yesterday morning in TN, so once again I am happy to be here. When I drove through the park yesterday, I noticed the yellow leaves on the trees which are falling fast, and looking like the north during autumn. Lots of people were out enjoying the weather, even though there was a light sprinkle falling. The canal had its share of ibis and herons and I saw one man on his hands and knees, peering down into the gophers tunnel. Funny sight! But God is good!

From the Promise Bible NLT:

Luke 6:22-31

But if you are willing to listen, I say, love
your enemies. Do good to those who hate you.
Pray for the happiness of those who curse you.

Pray for those who hurt you.
If someone slaps you on one cheek, then turn
the other cheek. If someone demands your coat,
offer your shirt also. Give what you have to anyone
 who asks you for it, and when things are taken
away from you, don't try to get them back. Do for
others as you would like them to do for you.

I always give thanks for you, remembering you in my prayers with thanksgiving,
joy and love!

Love and hugs,