Saturday, January 23, 2010

Small joys amid sorrow

Dear Friends and Prayer Partners,

Since we spent Jan. 20 in the ER, pretty much all day, Brian and I were together at Louis' bedside today just watching him sleep. As long as he is sleeping, I know he feels no pain. I washed his face and used the flavored sponges to moisten his mouth and lips, which caused him to close his mouth.

My dear friend, Mariagnes, wanted to take me to a belated birthday lunch, so after the Hospice nurse came, and all the papers were signed, Brian said to go ahead. Mari picked me up at the circle entrance and took me to Fresco's on the waterfront. We ate outside and it was a lovely break from the hospital walls. Due to a mix-up in my order, I received two lunches, on the house!, so had enough to take home for supper. God is good !

Another joy was seeing Ryan again, on the third floor this time, and I was happy to greet him, as he was to see me! The praying housekeeper, Malinda, was also back and i thanked her for her prayers for Louis.

Another answer to prayer..there will be a bed waiting for Louis at Hospice Woodside tomorrow...Magnolia 40. There is always a waiting list, so miracles still happen, (thanks, Russ).

Brian and I will go together to the hospital to wait for the papers to be signed and cleared, so Louis can be moved out in an ambulance which is paid for by Hospice.

And so another day comes to a close, but I am feeling more peace about the situation. The 23rd Psalm keeps running through my mind and I recited it on the way to the hospital yesterday. God's will be done.

Love and hugs,