Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A birthday in the ER

Dear Friends and Prayer Partners,

After being at the bedside of Louis in the ER from 10 Am until 5:30 or so PM, Brian and I left Louis in a room in good hands. We met Dr. Cohen the neurologist, who took His history and ours, is very kindly, and someone I would love to have as a doctor, also met the speech therapist, who recommended a feeding tube, which I said no too, and then was assured by the nurse practioner who works with Dr. Cohen that there was no need to make that decision yet.

Louis was x-rayed, chest, abdomen and hip-knee...things I think should have been done the first time he was admitted. We had to wait all day because the hospital is full and no beds were available for any of the ER patients, so I guess they had to check out the ones well enough to go home, in order to get beds for the new ones.

The one thing that is wrong again is another UTI. Dr. Cohen said constipation and infections can cause a normal person to have slight dementia and a person already suffering from dementia to have a bad reaction.

So once again , and as he has been all along, Louis' future is in God's hands. I had a really nice visit from Pastor Rick, who prayed a wonderful prayer for us both as he sat with me in the ER for awhile. What a blessing! God in His infinite mercy is good!

Love and hugs,